"We focused on finding the unique, something different from our usual educational talks, support groups, therapies, etc. We really like the night to be a break from the norm. 

Story - Film - Music

Marcy was phenomenal and exceeded all my expectations. Her approach of sharing her journey through spoken word, film, and music was the "spice" we were looking for to set this program apart from our usual schedule. Our non-breast survivors were delighted that Marcy's message was so universal they felt just as included in her story. Marcy used the right amount of honesty, vulnerability, hope, humor, and gratitude to make her story relatable to everyone.  The night was filled with music, laughs, and sharing. 

Music With A Message

After the program, everyone wanted to speak to Marcy and Lou. They both patiently spent an hour sharing stories with individuals and providing encouragement to those newly diagnosed or still in treatment.

We are so thankful we were able to work with Marcy and Lou to put on such an uplifting program for our survivors.

Gina Crooks
Program Coordinator

Survivorship Services

Mount Carmel Hospital Systems

Wednesday, October 19, 2016
Mount Carmel Haven of Hope
Zangmeister Cancer Center
3100 Plaza Properties Blvd.
Columbus, OH  43219

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