dead girl walking


“I think you are wonderful. Heart and soul and music
and models for grace and triumph of human spirit.”

 “It was not only touching but a must for all women, young and old, to see.  All of us have friends and family members who have or have had cancer.  This is such a moving that that it will be shared by many and given to their friends.  Even for men, this has meaning.  I am very moved by this.  Congratulations on a very powerful piece of work.”

 “Such an amazing capacity of the human spirit to rise above the feelings of loss and fear and to grow spiritually in order to give strength to others who are struggling with this often-devastating disease.  Many thanks to Marcy and to the film maker.”

 “We all need wake-up calls.  This is an important piece of film.  Well done, such an important message and subject.”

 “What an inspirational message; so honest and sincere.”

 “Thank you so much for sharing your story – life and faith.  I was afraid of going, afraid I would cry through the whole film, but, as usual, you two only continue to uplift and inspire me.  I have renewed my vow to live and enjoy each day with my family and work!”

 “Wow, what an extraordinary film!  Remarkable courage.  Never give up spirit.  I cried when Lou said he would rather love her for five minutes than not at all.  Bravo!”

“I want to commend you on how graceful I thought your (film) was for those of us who have never been there.”

 “Your story touched me.  Thanks for sharing it.”

 “It’s with such a combination of great sadness, great joy and even pride in also being a woman.  She is inspiring.”

“I hope to write music that touches people as you have.”

“I really admire Marcy’s faith and courage.  What a wonderful story!”

 “It is absolutely perfect.  Her hope is that this film will reach many women and help them in some way through their own journeys.”